Bello Gambo, Ibrahim Danladi Sule


The study examines the spatial distribution of farm produce markets in northern agricultural zone of Bauchi State, Nigeria. The objectives focused on inventory and distribution patterns of the markets. Data were collected using GPS survey and the inventory of the markets in the study area. The results revealed the existence of fourteen (14) specialized farm produce markets in the area. This includes six for vegetables, four for fruits, one for maize, one for tubers, and others having combinations of cereals, tuber crops and vegetables. These markets were found in six out of the seven LGAs in the study area. Shira Local Government Area, with seven, has the highest number of these markets, followed by Itas/Gidau Local Government Area (with four). There is one market in each settlement of the study area except Buzawa, Gagidiba and Zigau, which have two markets each. The study concluded the dispersed pattern of markets is an indication of less concentration of farm produce markets in most settlements and Local Government Areas in the study area, considering the nearest neighbor analysis ratio (614.979508) which is less than the z-score value (4698.343345). It is recommended that: more farm produce markets are required so as to enhance wider access to these types of socio-economic outfits in the area.


Markets, Spatial distribution, Dispersed pattern, Coordinates

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