A Conceptual Model and a Theoretical Framework for Sustainable Digital Collections: A Proposal for Nigerian Academic Libraries

Hajara Yakubu, Hamza Ukashatu Musa, Samaila Sani


The quest for sustainable digital collection (SDC) is a result of the revolutionary changes brought to the libraries by information and communication technologies (ICT). The changes have provocatively impacted the information-seeking and retrieval behavior of library users, particularly students in an academic environment who are more interested in having information at their fingertips. The aim of this study is to propose a conceptual model and a theoretical framework for sustainable digital collection in Nigerian academic libraries. The study involves 25 experienced librarians comprising the University librarians, digital librarians, and their staff as well as ICT personnel in libraries on the practices of sustainability of digital collection (SDC). Findings indicate that the practices of SDC are based on lack of standard policy, non-funding/business models, over-dependent on open access with less attention to subscription of databases, annual auctioning of used digital components without recycling as well as voluntary library consortium. 


Conceptual Model; Research Framework; Sustainable; Digital Collections; Proposal; Academic Libraries; Nigeria

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