Investigation on Collaborative Research among Academic Librarians in Ramat Library, University of Maiduguri.

Hauwa Ahmed, Zainab Madawaki, Habiba Abdullahi


This paper investigated the extent of collaborative Research (Joint Authorship) among academic librarians in Ramat Library University of Maiduguri. Four objectives guided the study. Survey research design was used for the study. The target population was the entire academic librarians of the library under study. All the 42 questionnaires distributed were retrieved and analysed using descriptive statistics of frequency counts and percentages in tables. The results of the study revealed that the extent of research collaboration was low among academic librarians in Ramat Library University of Maiduguri. Challenges faced are: Inadequate ICT Skills and lack of Government funding. Moreover, the following recommendations were made: the management of university library under study should educate academic librarians on the need for research collaboration among colleagues in the library. Academic librarians should be involved in training and retraining in ICT for effective research collaboration; the management of university Library under study should provide adequate funding for research collaboration among academic librarians.


Research, Collaboration, Academic librarians, Research collaboration, University Library.

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