Ceiba pentandra L. Gaertn., the mostly acceptable tree species for oleophilic properties and medicinal significance in Africa, is dawdling in surveillance of seedling growth. Certifying and careful selection of vigorous seedlings from quality seeds for afforestation and conservation is therefore imperative. Pod characterization assessments was conducted on germination and seedling performance using seeds extracted and sown separately from freshly harvested pods. These seeds were sorted into three sizes (small, medium and large) and subjected to morphological (pod length (cm), pod diameter (cm), number of seeds per pod (NS) and seed weight) and germination assessments; germination percentage, mean Daily germination (MDG), germination energy, energy period and Peak Value (PV). Germinated seeds were sorted into four classes (A B C D) according to their response. A= 1-7 days germination, B= 8-14 days-G, C=15-21 days-G and D=22-28 days germination and sown in top soil. Growth parameters; seedling height, collar diameter and number of leaves were measured and recorded fortnightly for 24 weeks. Data collected: morphological assessments were subjected to Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and germination assessments were estimated. The results obtained indicated highest value of pod characterization; (length, diameter and NS) in large pods and  seed weight (8.78g) in small pods with no significant difference (P>0.05) in seedling growth parameters. Germination assessments; Germination percentage 85%, MDG (3.04), Germination energy (80%), energy period (14 days), PV (4.71) and Germination value (17.36) was highest in seed from small pod class. Pod characterization of Ceiba pentandra affirmed that seed quality are not commensurable to pod sizes.

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