This study was carried out to determine the effect of different growth media on the growth response of Spondias purpurea seeds which has a very low germination rate under normal condition and also to draw steps to be taken from the findings toward conservation. Viable seeds were sown in different growth media which include: top soil and river sand. The growth parameters measured were leaf count and shoot height. Experiment was arranged in a 2 x 2 factorial experiment using Completely Randomized Design (CRD) and grouped into four (4) distinct sub-samples with different treatments. The sub-sample was replicated two (2) times in which each contained hundred (100) samples. Data were analyse during analysis of variance (ANOVA) at (p≤0.05). The result showed that there was significant difference in percentage germination, leaf count and shoot height. Seed with epicarp sowed in top soil (T4) had the highest germination percentage (68.8%) followed by seeds without epicarp sowed in top soil (T1) 19.1% while the least treatment was seeds without epicarp sowed in river sand (T2) 6.7%. Seeds with epicarp sowed in river sand (T3) had the highest performance of shoot height with mean value of 5.04cm followed by T4. Treatment 4 had the best mean value of leaf count (3.00) followed by T3 (Seeds with epicarp sowed in river sand) while the least treatment was seeds without epicarp sowed in river sand (T2). The research therefore recommended seed sown with epicarp and top soil for mass production of its seedlings for conservation in plantation and agroforestry development.

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