Urban expansion constitutes one of the key agents of land use changes with impact at varying scale on agricultural land uses. This study assesses urban expansion on agricultural land in Offa, Kwara State using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information techniques. Three satellite imageries of LandSat TM 1990, LandSat ETM 1999 and Nigeria Sat X 2014 were used to processed, classified (supervised classification), and analyzed for land use changes. Erdas Imagine 9.2 and ArcGIS 10.3 software were used for the analysis.The results shows that 43.59 km² (19.13%) of agricultural land in the study area was lost to urban expansion within the study period with an annual conversion rate of 1.81 km².  It is therefore recommended that urban spreading to agriculture land should be controlled as this will have serious repercussions on food security, although urban expansion cannot be stopped, but with proper management and planning it can be directed in a desirable and sustainable way.

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