N G Hayatu, M O Abdulwahab, F D Haruna, A B Anka, F F Jabbi, Y J Bai, A I Darma, S Dahiru, R S Shawai


Land use greatly influences soil physical and chemical properties and plays a profound role in the sustainability of soil resources. This study assessed the effects of different land use type on the physical and chemical properties of soils of Kware Local Government Area of Sokoto state. Four land uses were studied viz irrigated-arable farming, rainfed-arable farming, grazing and orchard. Four composite samples, one from each land use were taken at a depth of 0-20cm and analyzed in the laboratory for the physical and chemical properties of the soils. Soil texture, pH, electrical conductivity, available phosphorus, exchangeable bases, cation exchange capacity and percent base saturation were significantly influenced by land use type. However, the bulk density, total porosity and total nitrogen were statistically the same. Rain-fed and grazing soils were both sandy in texture while irrigated and orchard soils were sandy clay loam and sandy loam respectively. Irrigation had the highest content of OC, Ca, K and CEC. While orchard had the highest AP, Mg and Na contents. It was concluded that the soils under irrigation and orchard produced healthier soils than the other land use types. However, to ensure sustainability of the lands, manure application was recommended across the land use types.

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