M A Taiwo, I C Alaka, S N Ogbonna


The effects of cassava (Akpu) and Gmelina sawdust smoke on quality of smoked fish (Scomber scombrus and Trachurus trachurus) was investigated. Two varieties of frozen fresh fishes were obtained from Abakpa meat market in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. The fishes were independently smoked with different sawdust to dryness and their proximate composition and sensory attributes were evaluated using standard methods. The results showed that moisture content ranged from 16.80 to 21.10 %, protein 51.19 to 60.05 %, fat 13.90 to 15.50 %, fibre 0.75 to 1.50 %, total ash 4.0 to 5.40 %, and carbohydrate 1.23 to 7.66 %. The results obtained showed that proximate composition of fish smoked with “Akpu” or Gmelina sawdust is in agreement with previous literatures. The organoleptic properties for smoked Scomber scombrus and Trachurus trachurus were evaluated by 20 trained panellists and they showed their preference for Scombia smoked with Akpu sawdust in terms of taste, colour, flavour, and general acceptability. The study shows that sawdust type did not significantly affect (p< 0.05) the nutritional quality of the smoked fishes, but however scombia smoked with “akpu” is most preferred by consumers

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