E A Ojoko, F F Busari, A S Beli


This study looked at the factors that influenced the food security status of cabbage farmers in Katsina metropolis, Katsina State. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to randomly select 100 registered cabbage farmers. The analytical tools used include descriptive statistics, coping strategy index and ordered probit model. Results of the socio-economic characteristics indicated that the average age of cabbage farmers was 44years, 11years of farming experience, farm size of 1.5 hectares and household size of 9 persons, while 46% had post-primary education. The coping strategy index results showed that 76% of the cabbage farmers were food secure, 18% less food insecure, 5% moderately food insecure and 1% severely food insecure. The ordered probit regression estimates revealed that output of cabbage positively and significantly (p<0.01) affected food security status of the cabbage farmers while involvement in off-farm activities and farm size had negative but significant effect (p<0.01) on food security status of the cabbage farmers. The marginal effect result showed that a 1% increase in cabbage output significantly(p<0.01) increased the probability of cabbage farmers being food secure by 0.002%, while a 1% increase in involvement in off-farm activities and farm size decreased the probability of the cabbage farmers being food secure by 22.70% and 27.23% respectively. This research, therefore, recommended that stakeholders in the agricultural sector should provide productive resources for increased productivity, which will subsequently enhance the farmers’ income and improved their food security status.

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