A Yaro, I D Sule, G K Adamu


The study carried out an assessment of the of Fulani pastoralist perception of climate change in some selected communities of Dutsin-Ma LGA Katsina State, Nigeria: A total of 120 questionnaires were administered in (8) selected communities of the study area using accidental sampling method. The data for this study were generated using questionnaire administration and focus group discussion. The data generated was analyzed using descriptive statistics in form of percentage and in narrative statements. The study revealed that 33.30% of the respondents are of the view that the emergence of drier year was a major indicator of climate change. However about 33% of the respondents further confirmed that the disappearance of surface water as well as frequent dryness of surface water bodies were signs that the study area was hit by climate change. Furthermore 74%of the respondents admitted to have noticed reduction in flora and fauna species and attributed that to decline in rainfall, desert encroachment, and deforestation among others. The study recommended that cattle colonies should be provide particularly in area with fragile ecosystems, improve forage and fodder resources should be provided to tackle the conflict between herders and farmers, capacity building and enlightenment campaign should be organized to inform the herders on the menace of climate change

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