The current research used cross-sectional data collected through structured questionnaire complemented with interview schedule from 105 fish farmers selected viamulti-stage sampling technique to empirically factor the perceived constraints affecting homestead fish farming in Kogi State of Nigeria. The empirical findings showed diseases, water pollution and inadequate water supply to be the risk factors affecting fish production in the study area. In addition, the orthogonal rotation factored out eight constraints viz production, institutional, extension, social, policy, infrastructural, fingerlings and credit constraints to be affecting fish farming in the studied area.  Therefore, the study recommends a supply of good water quality to enhance stock aeration, curtail spread of disease and enhance the aquatic habitat. In addition, the farmers should stock high disease resistant varieties having high growth rate performance and should call for veterinary services in the situation of an outbreak. The stakeholders in the subsector should double their effort in addressing the problems affecting fish farming in the study area in order to overcome the fish food insecurity-protein deficiency in the study area.

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