The study was carried out to investigate the prevalence of helminth parasites in domesticated chickens slaughtered in Katsina central market. 50 local breed chicken were randomly selected comprising of 25 males and 25 females. The intestinal content were examined using intestinal scraping  method. Data obtained were subjected to descriptive statistics using percentile count. Ascarisspp, Taeniaspp, Hook worm, Ascaridiagalli and Heterakisgallinarum were identified with an overall prevalence of 90%. Male chickens were more infected and prevalent to helminthes parasite than female in a percentage of  (53% and 48%) for both infected and prevalence male and (47% and 42%) in female chickens. Ascarisspp recorded the highest prevalence with 92%  prevalence for male chickens and 72% in Female. Three parasites recorded high intensity in both male and female chicken. Hook worm, Taeniaspp and Ascaridiagalli are more prevalent with percentile of 40%, 16% and 8% respectively in male and 16%, 10% and 6% . The prevalence of helminthiasis in both male female local chickens may impede local chicken production in Katsina State.

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