A snapshot study was conducted for 6 months to demonstrate association of relationship between hosts related factors and ectoparasite burden in domestic chicken in Dutsinma Local Government Area of Katsina State. Ectoparasite samples were randomly taken from domestic chickens. Morphological examination was carried out with the aid of light microscope and magnifying hand lens. A predesigned form was used to generate data on host related risk factors to ectoparasites of domestic chicken. Effect of host related risk factors to the prevalence of ectoparasite infestation did not show any difference (P>0.05) between sex, age group, coat colour and systems of production. The observed results of this study suggest that ectoparasites infestation is dominant in the study area. Therefore, effective preventive and control measures need to be instituted to mitigate the menace of ectoparasites in Dutsinma LGA.

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